Level Up! Collegiate Ministry

Our Mission


To empower, develop, strengthen, and support the needs of college students emotionally, physically, and spiritually, by helping students to get connected, feel welcomed, and have a place they can call home. 

Juanice Parker


Pastor Juanice is the Associate Pastor of the collegiate ministries tasked with seeing to the spiritual needs of the college students. Her favorite place to be is on the couch with her husband and 4 kids with a big bowl of popcorn watching a movie. 

Joshua & Angela Gillespie


Joshua & Angie are the Associate Administrators of the collegiate ministries tasked with seeing to the natural needs of college students. The young couple have visited 5 of the 7 continents, love junk food, and are hoping for another set of twins to add to their daughter and set of boy twins! Whew!

College sunday!

Level Up Moment

Shaylen says "Enough talk!"


If you're a college student between the ages 17-30, we want to be connected to you! 

Check us out on Snapchat: LevelUpTOD

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