Office Staff

La'Rae M. Trice

General Manager

(517) 882-6866 x226

Mark Parker

Senior Associate Pastor

 (517) 882-6866 x243

Nabendae Amunga

Marketing & Media System Coordinator

 (517) 882-6866 x235

Esther McClain

Membership Coordinator

(517) 882-6866 x231

Larry Trice, III

Accounts Receivable/Payable

(517) 882-6866 x222

Tracy Thomas

Custodial & Maintenance

(517) 882-6866 x229

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The church administrative office is open Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. Holiday closings can be found on the home page calendar, social media, or Google.

You may also contact us here for Pastor Trice or Lady Lene'a ministerial bookings.

Tabernacle of David Church

2645 West Holmes Road, Lansing, Michigan 48911, United States

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What is the process for joining the church?

Anyone is welcome to join the Church! The Senior Pastor will typically “open the doors of the Church” on Sundays at the end of service and some Tuesdays. Standing before the church, a potential member must: state you are coming of your own will and accord; agree to follow the Senior Pastor as he follows Christ; agree to serve in a ministry. Immediately following service, the Membership Intake team will take you into the Membership room to complete an application. You will also share which ministry you are interested in serving in. Later that week, the Membership Coordinator will  contact you about your application, new membership classes, and connect  you with your Associate Pastor & Associate Administrator so you can begin serving in a ministry.

What does “Member in Good Standing” mean?

Being a Member in Good Standing means 1) one who has completed New Membership classes; 2) one who serves actively in a ministry; and 3) one who gives regularly. Being a member in good standing allows certain benefits, i.e., discounted or free use of the facility for non-ministry-related events.

How do I rent the facility?

If you're a member would like to use space in the building for something ministry-related, contact Events in Motion. A team member will confirm whether or not the space is available. If you would like to use space for something personal, you must contact Events in Motion, but an application process is required. An administrative fee & deposit will likely be requested for non-ministry events for both members and nonmembers. This application and information is available  online by clicking the "More" tab, then "Rent the Facility."

Where do I go if I need personal help, i.e. bills, clothing, etc.?

LMTS Community Outreach Services has a Human Relations office that operates as a referral service for those in need. This means LMTS Community Outreach will assess the need and connect them with an organization that can resolve the problem. Certain needs can be serviced in-house, such as food through our food pantry, and clothes through our clothing pantry. These programs operate with the help of donations.

I’m having some spiritual issues in my life – who can I talk to?

The Senior Pastor has appointed 14 Associate Pastors to assist him with the spiritual needs of the membership body. These Associate Pastors are trained and ordained to counsel members regarding their spiritual lives. Any Associate Pastor can be approached to meet these concerns, and there’s an emergency line that will you connect with an Associate Pastor 24/7. If you’re not able to connect with one, you should contact the Senior Associate Pastor. The Senior Associate Pastor will relay the need to the Senior Pastor who will either assign himself and/or the First lady, or another Associate Pastor. Associate Pastors always report counseling to the Senior Pastor.

I know a member who is sick, having surgery, is bereaved, etc. - who should I tell?

Knowing where our members are and how they are doing is one of the most important functions of our ministry. There are multiple people you can share that information with, but it should go to their Associate Pastor(s) first to make immediate contact. If you do not know who their Associate Pastor is, call the church office. This information will be shared with the Senior Associate Pastor and Membership Coordinator, who will notify the Senior Pastor, the Associate Pastors, then mobilize Ministerial Alliance to act if necessary. We will also verify whether or not that person is comfortable having their information shared on social media so the church family can reach out as well.

How can I talk to the Senior Pastor or First Lady?

All members are welcome to meet w/ Pastor Trice and Lady Lene’a as available. If you would like to meet with Pastor Trice, or Pastor Trice and Lady Lene’a, contact the church office. If you would like to meet w/ Lady Lene’a alone, contact Lady Lene’a’s administrator, Kim Nichols at x223 to set up an appointment.

I’m having issues while working in my ministry – who can I talk to?

The Senior Pastor has appointed 8 Associate Administrators, Directors, & Managers to oversee the serving experience of every ministry. If the leader is not able to handle the issue, the Associate Administrator will step in to advise. The Executive Administrators have been appointed to oversee Associate administrators. The Executive Administrators may be called in to resolve the issue if it has not been resolved with the leader or Associate Administrator. In the unlikely event each of those levels of leadership fail, the member should set up a meeting with the General Manager.

I would like to be baptized.

Members and nonmembers who are believers are welcome to be baptized at TOD. Baptism applications are available in the main foyer in front of the sanctuary and should be submitted to the administrative office. An online application is available upon request.

I would like to have my baby dedicated.

Baby dedications occur on 2nd Sundays. Applications are available in the main foyer in front of the sanctuary and should be submitted to the administrative office.  An online application is available upon request. Nonmembers are welcome to have their babies blessed by our Senior Pastor on 2nd Tuesdays.

I would like to announce something I am doing personally.

Personal endeavors such as new businesses, projects, or accomplishments should be sent to They will be promoted during scrolling announcements before and after service, as well as on the TV’s around the church and LMTS Family Life Center throughout the week. Completed flyers should be in the following formats: .jpeg, .png, .pub, .ppt, or .pptx. 

I would like to sell my product(s) in the Bookstore.

If you have products you would like to sell in the Angel Light Bookstore, email at, or call the church during office hours. The leader will give you the contract for review and upon signature, products should be supplied by the seller and will be featured in the Bookstore.

Where can I get information for meetings, rehearsals, and trainings?

Most meeting, rehearsal and training schedules are available at by clicking the page of the ministry area it is housed under. If you do not have the contact information of the leader or Associate administrator of the ministry you’re interested in participating in, you may contact the Executive Administrators. You may also ask questions on the website’s contact page, or DM or message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Where can I find information about upcoming church events?

Church events and other information are updated almost daily on social media and the church website. Members and nonmembers alike are always welcome to contact the church directly either online, by phone, by email, or in person during office hours to get more information. 

How can I get information about the Child Care Center?

The LMTS  Child Care Center is owned and managed by the Tabernacle of David Church. It is a private business separate from the children & youth ministries of the church, as childcare is available to members and guests during services at no charge. Members and nonmembers are welcome to enroll their children in the Center. An online application is available on the church website or an enrollment packet can be picked up during Center hours. Interested parents and guardians should contact the Center directly for questions and concerns.

I have a question/concern about my tithes and offering – who should I contact?

You may contact the General Manager during office hours or by email.