Our First Lady


Lady Lene'a Trice

Lady Lene’a M. Trice is an anointed woman of God who believes in empowering women and young ladies from all walks of life to recognize their value and reach their full potential in Christ. Through her teaching and sharing of the gospel, Lady Lene’a provides inspiration and spiritual wisdom to help women become strong “leading ladies” in their families, churches, communities and on their jobs. 

Formerly from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lady Lene’a moved to Lansing, Michigan in 1981 to attend Lansing Community College and study the art of dance. She is married to Pastor Larry M. Trice, Jr. and they are the proud parents of three young adults: La’Rae, Larry, III, and Lawrence Mark. 

Lady Lene’a serves under the leadership of her Pastor (and husband) as the leader of the Tabernacle of David’s Leading Ladies of Virtue Women’s Ministry. She supports and shares the Vision God has given the Tabernacle of David to “Advance God’s Kingdom through Excellence, Diversity, and Empowerment.” Whether supportively laboring to plant churches or encouraging families and couples, Lady Lene’a embraces her call and destiny to live out a ministry of hope through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She leads with love, enthusiasm and compassion, making a lasting difference in every life she touches.

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