A visitor shows up, but a guest is invited! Our guests services ministries are trained to cater to the needs of our guests and members, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere from the moment they walk in the doors. Our goal is for every guest to become family!


Krystal Williams

Pastor Krystal is the Associate Pastor of the Guest Services ministries, tasked with overseeing the spiritual needs of the members assigned to this area. Pastor Krystal is a mother of 4 who loves planning outings with her sisters in Christ.

Gloria Denning

Elderess Gloria is the Associate Administrator of the Guest Services ministries, tasked with overseeing the serving experience of the member assigned to this area. Gloria loves sewing & crafting/decorating, cooking/baking,  shopping, traveling, watching movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Adrienne Hoskins

Minister Adrienne leads the Hospitality ministry, which houses the greeters, welcome announcers, and VIP Team. Minister Adrienne has been a faithful member for almost 40 years.

Rene McKay

Rene leads the Membership Intake ministry, helping new members get connected to their new church family. Rene loves the perfect pair of socks. Instead of tossing a "holey" pair, she'll mend them and wear them for as long as she can!

Javeeta Kyle

Javeeta leads the pastoral care team and assists her mother Adrienne with all VIP guests. Javeeta is an advocate for children in the Lansing community, working with families and schools to make sure children graduate and live long and healthy lives.



If you have a knack for serving, speaking, cooking, decorating or hospitality, there's a place for you! A smile and a hug is all someone may need to feel the love of Christ! You can get connected to any of the following:

Nurses Guild

Welcome Announcers


New Membership Team

VIP Team

Culinary Arts

Events in Motion

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