Leticia "TC" Wills

TC is the Production Manager for all Marketing & Media Ministries, and responsible for coordinating all media personnel and equipment in-house. Although she's a fantastic performer herself, she loves being behind the scenes to create the perfect setting for the audience to experience Christ. 

Nabendae Amunga

Nabendae leads the Post-Production ministry. She loves all things tech! She also enjoys watching cartoons and always has a Classic Coke in a can and a tune if you need it!

Greg & Kisha DeMyers

Greg & Kisha DeMyers work together to make our services available to everyone all over the world via our Recording Arts Ministries (Videography, Streaming, ProTools). The couple are entrepreneurs in the music business, creating music and musical opportunities for others. They have a great sense of humor and loves entertaining family and friends.

Always wanted to live out your tech passions?