Music & Arts Ministries

Tabernacle of David is committed to using our creative gifts to setting an atmosphere where Jesus can touch the lives of every person.


Randall & LaNette Hester


Pastors Randall & LaNette have been tasked with seeing to the spiritual needs of those assigned to the Music & Arts ministries. Both are committed to helping families, themselves having a large family of 8!

Carolyn Smith


Carolyn oversees the serving experience of the members in Music & Arts. She personally loves to sing and also has a successful hair salon she's run for over 20 years.

Larry Trice, III


Larry serves as the Music Minister, following in his father's footsteps. He's a former college football player who enjoys watching sports, but his real passion is making music for albums and movies.

Keesha Trice


Keesha is the President of the Tabernacle Voices of Praise (TVOP) Choir. As one of the first members in the choir as a child at TOD (formerly Pentecostal Outreach), she has been instrumental in the success and growth of the choir and its members.

LaTonya Turner


LaTonya leads the Drama, Theatre & Arts ministry. While she has a passion for acting, writing and directing, and is pursuing those passions to represent Christ in the industry, some of her favorite productions are done in the kitchen with her family making up freestyle dances.

Dion'trae Hayes & Tamera Carter


Dion'trae "Tracee" & Tamera lead the Designed for Praise Dance teams, including Generation Next's Dance youth dance teams. They love bringing creativity and culture to their dance routines.



Love to sing or play an instrument?

TVOP meets every Thursday at 6:15pm. Don't worry about which part you are - they'll place you where you fit best! Come help us lift Jesus higher!

Designed for Praise


Love to dance?

Whether you're taking lessons or it's been a while since you've hit the dance floor, we want you! The adult and youth dance teams meet every Monday at 6:30pm.

Drama, Theatre & Arts


Acting bug bit ya?

DTA is looking for creative and passionate souls who want to creatively reach out to the community with the Gospel of Christ by way of skits, plays, musicals, and demonstrations. No experience needed! Rehearsals are scheduled every Monday at 7pm, or as needed.

Prefer being behind-the-scenes?

You don't have to be on the stage to make a difference! If you're a set builder, director, writer, narrator, costume designer, or just a techie, your skills can be utilized!

See something that fits you?

Contact Carolyn

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